The History of Westervelt Mutual

In 1879 a group of farmers in the Westervelt area formed a mutual aid organization called Rural Township Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This company provided a way to help members help each other share expenses when fire damaged their property. Soon, reinsurance needed to be purchased to guarantee that all losses were fully paid. This led to the addition of wind, theft, vandalism and the other coverages that are common today.

While the name of the company has changed four times finally becoming Westervelt Mutual Insurance Company our values remain. We will always provide quality products at a reasonable price.

Our Board of Directors

Board of Directors Elected to Board Current Title
Larry A Cole January 27, 2009 President
Kevin Woods January 27, 2009 Vice-President
Jeffrey Likes January 22, 2019 Secretary / Treasurer / Manager
Ray Likes October, 1979 Secretary / Treasurer Emeritus
Dean Wise January, 1974  
Fred Naber January, 1970  
Larry W Cole January, 1979  
Ray Jackson January, 1986  
Mark Richards January, 1985  
Stuart Fox October, 2015  
Kenneth Mentzer February 22, 2018